Date Sport Article Title Author
9/20/2020 Football MMS Football Dominate Haysville West Kasey McDowell
9/20/2020 Volleyball Girls Go 2-1 in Ark City, Fall to Andale & Collegiate Kasey McDowell
9/17/2020 Women's Golf JV Girls Bring Home 2 Medals Kasey McDowell
9/16/2020 Football MMS Football Splits with Ark City Kasey McDowell
9/14/2020 Men's Soccer Men's Soccer Grab Second Win of the Season Kasey McDowell
9/13/2020 Volleyball MMS Volleyball Sweep Winfield & Ark City Kasey McDowell
9/9/2020 Football MMS Football Sweep Winfield Kasey McDowell
9/7/2020 Cross Country MHS/MMS Cross Country Brings Home 6 Medals Kasey McDowell
9/7/2020 Volleyball Chambers Honored at Senior Night Kasey McDowell
9/6/2020 Women's Golf Girls Grab 4th at Ark City Invitational Kasey McDowell
9/6/2020 Men's Soccer Men's Soccer Start Season with Win Kasey McDowell
9/1/2020 Other NFHS Network Game Streaming Information Kasey McDowell
8/13/2020 Cross Country MHS XC Virtual Meeting and Fall Information Kasey McDowell
8/13/2020 Women's Golf Girls Golf Virtual Meeting and Fall Information Kasey McDowell
8/13/2020 Football Football Virtual Meeting and Fall Information Kasey McDowell
8/12/2020 Men's Soccer Soccer Virtual Meeting and Fall Information Kasey McDowell
8/10/2020 Other NFHS Network for streaming games Kasey McDowell
8/4/2020 Other High-Middle School Fall Sports Important Info Kasey McDowell
7/18/2020 Cross Country 2008 XC State Champions - A Look Back Kasey McDowell
5/30/2020 Cross Country 2007 XC State Champions - A Look Back Kasey McDowell
5/16/2020 Cross Country 1963-64 XC State Champions - A Look Back Kasey McDowell
5/10/2020 Men's Basketball 1984 state champions - A Look Back Kasey McDowell
4/24/2020 Women's Golf 2003 Girls Golf State Champions, A Look Back Kasey McDowell
4/16/2020 Volleyball 1975 Volleyball State Champions, A Look Back Kasey McDowell
4/13/2020 Baseball 1986 State Baseball Champions, A Look Back Kasey McDowell
3/24/2020 Men's Basketball Abasolo Selected to 4A All-Class Team Kasey McDowell
3/22/2020 Softball A Lonely Softball Field This Year Kasey McDowell
3/22/2020 Baseball College Baseball Season Cut Short Kasey McDowell
3/22/2020 Wrestling Schanz Selected to All-Metro Team Kasey McDowell
3/21/2020 Softball College Softball Players Season Cut Short Kasey McDowell
3/21/2020 Track & Field The Season That Was Not To Be Kasey McDowell
3/18/2020 Track & Field Evans Makes Mark at WSU Kasey McDowell
3/17/2020 Wrestling Hall of Fame and All-League Winners Kasey McDowell
3/16/2020 Men's Golf Men's Golf Ready to Hit the Links Kasey McDowell
3/15/2020 Track & Field Landes Competes at the Olympic Trials Kasey McDowell
3/15/2020 Men's Basketball Three Players Grab All-League Honors Kasey McDowell
3/14/2020 Women's Basketball White Tabbed with All League Honors Kasey McDowell
3/13/2020 Women's Soccer Women's Soccer Looking to Continue Success Kasey McDowell
3/12/2020 Baseball Baseball Looking to Repeat State Run Kasey McDowell
3/9/2020 Wrestling The Last Dance for Coach Langerot Kasey McDowell
3/8/2020 Men's Basketball Boys End Season at Augusta Kasey McDowell
3/6/2020 Bowling Titus End Bowling Career at State Kasey McDowell
3/5/2020 Men's Basketball Men's Basketball Tops Wamego Kasey McDowell
3/4/2020 Men's Basketball 8th Boys League & Tourney Champs Kasey McDowell
3/3/2020 Women's Basketball Girls End Season against Ulysses Kasey McDowell
3/3/2020 Wrestling Schanz 2nd Place in Girls State Kasey McDowell
3/2/2020 Men's Basketball Men's Basketball Defuse the Rockets Kasey McDowell
3/1/2020 Men's Basketball 7th Boys Season Comes to End Kasey McDowell
3/1/2020 Wrestling 3 Cats Place at State Wrestling Kasey McDowell
2/28/2020 Women's Basketball Girls Struggle Against Indians Defense Kasey McDowell
2/27/2020 Bowling The Hidden Technicalities Inside Bowling JD Titus
2/26/2020 Men's Basketball Wildcats Have Trouble with Indians Kasey McDowell
2/26/2020 Men's Basketball MMS Boys Split with the Indians Kasey McDowell
2/24/2020 Bowling Men's Bowling League Champs; Titus to State Kasey McDowell
2/23/2020 Wrestling 6 Wrestlers Heading to State Kasey McDowell
2/21/2020 Men's Basketball MMS Boys Last Home Games of Season Kasey McDowell
2/20/2020 Bowling Men's Bowling Finish Season Undefeated Kasey McDowell
2/20/2020 Women's Basketball White Recognized on Senior Night Kasey McDowell
2/18/2020 Men's Basketball Wildcats Celebrate Senior Night Kasey McDowell
2/17/2020 Bowling Wildcats Bowling Sweep El Dorado Kasey McDowell
2/17/2020 Wrestling Wildcats Dominate at Chase County Kasey McDowell
2/17/2020 Wrestling Schanz 2nd In Regionals, Statebound Kasey McDowell
2/14/2020 Wrestling Wrestlers Take Down Wellington on SR Night Kasey McDowell
2/13/2020 Men's Basketball 3rd Quarter Haunts the Wildcats Kasey McDowell
2/13/2020 Women's Basketball Wildcats Blocked by Indians Defense Kasey McDowell
2/11/2020 Men's Basketball MMS Boys Top Rose Hill With 3 Wins Kasey McDowell
2/10/2020 Men's Basketball Cats Take Down Ranked Buhler, 30 from Abasolo Kasey McDowell
2/10/2020 Women's Basketball Girls Basketball Have Tough Night vs Crusaders Kasey McDowell
2/9/2020 Wrestling Schanz Grabs Gold at South Kasey McDowell
2/8/2020 Wrestling Wrestlers Impress at Rose Hill Invite Kasey McDowell
2/7/2020 Bowling Men's Bowling Smashing Records Kasey McDowell
2/6/2020 Men's Basketball Wildcats Trounce the Thunderbirds Kasey McDowell
2/6/2020 Women's Basketball Girls Blocked by Thunderbirds Defense Kasey McDowell
2/4/2020 Men's Basketball 7th Grade Boys Grab First Win Kasey McDowell
2/4/2020 Wrestling Girls / JV Hit the Mats at Marion Kasey McDowell
2/3/2020 Women's Basketball Girls Host 40th Annual Wildcat Classic Kasey McDowell
2/2/2020 Men's Basketball Abasolo Shoots Into 5th Place Mike Abasolo
2/1/2020 Men's Basketball MMS Boys Split with Wellington Kasey McDowell
2/1/2020 Wrestling Wrestling Dominates at Garden Plain Kasey McDowell
1/28/2020 Men's Basketball 8th Boys Sweep Haysville West; 7th Split Kasey McDowell
1/26/2020 Wrestling JV & Girls Wrestling at Wellington Kasey McDowell
1/26/2020 Men's Basketball Abasolo All Tourney; Wildcats 5th Place Kasey McDowell
1/25/2020 Wrestling 11 Firsts at Douglass Jamboree Kasey McDowell
1/24/2020 Men's Basketball MMS Boys Go 1-3 Against Prairie Hills Kasey McDowell
1/23/2020 Men's Basketball MMS Boys Open Season with 3 Wins Kasey McDowell
1/22/2020 Bowling Mulvane Bowling Crushing the Pins Kasey McDowell
1/22/2020 Men's Basketball White and Milledge Crowned at Homecoming Kasey McDowell
1/21/2020 Women's Basketball Girls Burned by Rockets Kasey McDowell
1/20/2020 Wrestling Wrestling Grabs 2nd Place at Clearwater Kasey McDowell
1/19/2020 Bowling Men's Bowling Sweeps Competition Kasey McDowell
1/18/2020 Wrestling Wildcats Wrestling Dominate The Indians Kasey McDowell
1/17/2020 Men's Basketball Wildcats Fall to the Indians Kasey McDowell
1/16/2020 Women's Basketball Mulvane Girls Topped by the Indians Kasey McDowell
1/15/2020 Other Homecoming Court Set for Friday Kasey McDowell
1/11/2020 Men's Basketball Boys Basketball Sweep Halstead Kasey McDowell
1/10/2020 Bowling Mulvane Bowling Starts Season Hot Kasey McDowell
1/9/2020 Women's Basketball Girls Split at Halstead Kasey McDowell
1/5/2020 Other Dickey, Hall of Fame Trifecta Kasey McDowell
1/4/2020 Football Oh Yes They Call it the Streak Kasey McDowell
1/3/2020 Other Mulvane Graduate...Hall of Fame Coach Kasey McDowell
1/1/2020 Other Mulvane Basketball now 115 Years Old Kasey McDowell
12/30/2019 Women's Basketball Roaring 20's Girls Basketball Kasey McDowell
12/30/2019 Football Gridiron Stories from the Past Kasey McDowell
12/29/2019 Baseball MLB Pitcher Carl Mays at Mulvane Kasey McDowell
12/28/2019 Other Inside Lyle Couch Stadium Kasey McDowell
12/27/2019 Other Harris and Butterfield, Mulvane's first Dual Threat Kasey McDowell
12/25/2019 Men's Basketball Wildcats Top Crusaders for Christmas Kasey McDowell
12/23/2019 Wrestling Wrestling Ends 2019 at Bishop Carroll Kasey McDowell
12/22/2019 Women's Basketball Girls Fall Short at Wellington Kasey McDowell
12/22/2019 Wrestling JV / Girls Wrestling Wrap up Year at Rose Hill Kasey McDowell
12/21/2019 Wrestling Indians Slip Past the Wildcats Kasey McDowell
12/19/2019 Women's Basketball 8th Girls League Tournament Champs! Kasey McDowell
12/18/2019 Women's Basketball Girls Basketball Sweep Collegiate Kasey McDowell
12/18/2019 Women's Basketball 7th Girls Split in tournament Kasey McDowell
12/18/2019 Wrestling Dietrich, Mason-Schmidt, and West Tournament Champs! Kasey McDowell
12/17/2019 Men's Basketball Abasolo, Manis All Tournament Team, Cats Fall To Parsons Kasey McDowell
12/16/2019 Wrestling Russell Takes 1st Place at Great Bend Kasey McDowell
12/16/2019 Wrestling Wrestlers Take 3rd at Wellington Kasey McDowell
12/15/2019 Women's Basketball Chambers Selected to All Tournament Team Kasey McDowell
12/13/2019 Men's Basketball Men's Basketball Take Down Independence Kasey McDowell
12/13/2019 Wrestling Mulvane Wrestling tops Rose Hill Kasey McDowell
12/12/2019 Wrestling MMS Wrestling Splits with Ark City and Clearwater Kasey McDowell
12/11/2019 Men's Basketball Abasolo Scores 33 in Win Over Labette Kasey McDowell
12/11/2019 Football 4 Wildcats Earn State Recognition Kasey McDowell
12/10/2019 Women's Basketball A Clean Sweep of Clearwater for Mulvane Kasey McDowell
12/10/2019 Wrestling Wrestlers Clean House at Campus Kasey McDowell
12/9/2019 Women's Basketball Orioles Sweep Cats on Opening Night Kasey McDowell
12/8/2019 Wrestling McEachern and Schanz Grab 1st at Valley Center Kasey McDowell
12/8/2019 Men's Basketball Cats Go 2-1 on Opening Night Kasey McDowell
12/6/2019 Wrestling MMS Wrestling Splits at Home Kasey McDowell
12/6/2019 Women's Basketball MMS Ladycats split 2-2 at Wellington Kasey McDowell
12/4/2019 Wrestling MMS Wrestling have tough night at Rose Hill Kasey McDowell
12/4/2019 Women's Basketball 7th Girls Sweep Gorillas; 8th Girls Split Kasey McDowell
12/2/2019 Football 13 Wildcats Earn All League Honors Kasey McDowell
12/2/2019 Men's Basketball Men's Basketball Preparing for Season Opener Kasey McDowell
12/1/2019 Wrestling Wrestling Looking to Build on Last Years Success Kasey McDowell
12/1/2019 Men's Basketball Boys & Girls Basketball Gatorade Scrimmages Michael Abasolo
12/1/2019 Women's Basketball White to Lead Ladycats Hoops Kasey McDowell
11/26/2019 Women's Basketball 8th Girls Sweep Crusaders; 7th Girls Split Kasey McDowell
11/25/2019 Women's Soccer Simon...Champion of Character Kasey McDowell
11/24/2019 Women's Basketball 7th Grade Have Tough Mid-Season Shootout Kasey McDowell
11/24/2019 Women's Basketball 8th Girls 2-2 at Mid Season Shootout Kasey McDowell
11/23/2019 Other Gear Now Available Kasey McDowell
11/21/2019 Women's Basketball Lady Cats Sweep the Rockets Kasey McDowell
11/21/2019 Wrestling MMS Wrestling Splits with El Dorado and Prairie Hills Kasey McDowell
11/19/2019 Women's Basketball MMS Girls Go 3-1 Over Indians Kasey McDowell
11/18/2019 Women's Basketball 8th Girls Go 3-1 at Home Last Week Kasey McDowell
11/17/2019 Wrestling MMS Wrestling Finishes 2nd at Tournament Kasey McDowell
11/17/2019 Women's Basketball 7th Girls Split in 2 Home Openers Kasey McDowell
11/15/2019 Cheer & Dance Cheerleaders Earn Outstanding Ranking Kasey McDowell
11/14/2019 Men's Soccer 4 Soccer Players Earn All League Honors Kasey McDowell
11/13/2019 Wrestling MMS Wrestling Splits with Circle and Wellington Kasey McDowell
11/13/2019 Volleyball Abasolo and White Tabbed with All League Honors Kasey McDowell
11/9/2019 Women's Basketball MMS Girls Split with Prairie Hills Kasey McDowell
11/7/2019 Wrestling MMS Wrestling Grabs First Wins of Season Kasey McDowell
11/6/2019 Volleyball Humbolt Notches Record Board Kasey McDowell
11/5/2019 Women's Basketball 7th Grade Girls Start Season Hot Kasey McDowell
11/3/2019 Football Wildcats Trounce the Bulldogs Kasey McDowell
11/2/2019 Cross Country Girls XC Place 8th at 4A State Kasey McDowell
11/1/2019 Men's Soccer Church Notches Record Board Gabriel Daniel
10/27/2019 Football Football Ends Regular Season in Style Kasey McDowell
10/26/2019 Cross Country Cross Country Regional Champs! Kasey McDowell
10/23/2019 Volleyball Volleyball Sub State Bracket Set Michael Abasolo
10/22/2019 Women's Golf Ewing Ends Career at 4A State Golf Kasey McDowell
10/21/2019 Football Mulvane Tops El Dorado on Homecoming Night Kasey McDowell
10/18/2019 Cross Country Women's XC League Champs Kasey McDowell
10/17/2019 Volleyball Freshman Finish Season Strong Kasey McDowell
10/16/2019 Other 2019 Homecoming Court Kasey McDowell
10/16/2019 Women's Golf Ewing Qualifies for State Kasey McDowell
10/14/2019 Cross Country Medals For Moon and Williams Kasey McDowell
10/14/2019 Football Wildcat Take Down the Rockets Kasey McDowell
10/14/2019 Football Keaton's Krew Michael Abasolo
10/11/2019 Volleyball Abasolo selected to the Belle Plaine All Tournament team Michael Abasolo
10/9/2019 Women's Golf Ewing Earns All League 2nd Team Kasey McDowell
10/6/2019 Football Cats Dominate Field Kindley Kasey McDowell
10/4/2019 Volleyball Wildcats Shock El Dorado In Two Sets Michael Abasolo
10/3/2019 Men's Soccer Men's Soccer Tops El Dorado Gabriel Daniel
10/1/2019 Men's Basketball Boys Basketball Online Store Michael Abasolo
9/30/2019 Volleyball Abasolo All Tournament in Douglass Kasey McDowell
9/27/2019 Cross Country XC Girls Grab 1st at Lake Afton Kasey McDowell
9/26/2019 Women's Golf Ewing Grabs Medal at Cheney Kasey McDowell
9/23/2019 Men's Soccer Soccer Defeats Circle, Falls short to Valley Center Gabriel Daniel
9/22/2019 Cross Country Wildcats Have a Good Run at Circle Kasey McDowell
9/18/2019 Volleyball Wildcats Split During Senior Night Kasey McDowell
9/14/2019 Cross Country Cross Country Women Grab 1st; Men 4th Kasey McDowell
9/6/2019 Men's Soccer Cats Trounce El Dorado, Notch Record Book Gabriel Daniel
8/26/2019 Football Mulvane Football Getting Ready To Roll Kasey McDowell
8/25/2019 Other Roberts Runs 100 Miles in Ultra-Marathon Kasey McDowell
8/10/2019 Cheer & Dance Klassy Kats Stand Out at Summer Camp Kasey McDowell
7/16/2019 Cheer & Dance Mulvane Cheer Excels at UCA Cheer Camp Kasey McDowell
7/4/2019 Other Ellis & Myears - Eagle's Athletes of the Year Kasey McDowell
6/27/2019 Track & Field Evan Landes Qualifies for Olympic Trials Kasey McDowell
6/14/2019 Other Ellis & Schiffelbein - Best Of KS Preps Kasey McDowell
6/4/2019 Women's Soccer 7 Cats Earn All League Honors; Johnson Retires Kasey McDowell
6/2/2019 Baseball Eight Wildcats Earn All League Honors Kasey McDowell
6/2/2019 Baseball Wildcats Finish 3rd in 4A State Kasey McDowell
5/27/2019 Track & Field Wildcats Grab 5 Medals in 4A State Track Kasey McDowell
5/27/2019 Softball Russell Tabbed With All League Honors Kasey McDowell
5/24/2019 Baseball Cats Advance Past Trinity in 4A State Kasey McDowell
5/19/2019 Track & Field Last Regional For Landes Is A Special One Kasey McDowell
5/16/2019 Baseball Cats Regional Champs, Heading to State Kasey McDowell
5/14/2019 Men's Golf Milan Golfs his Way Into the State Tournament Kasey McDowell
5/12/2019 Baseball Baseball Splits with Augusta To Close Out Regular Season Kasey McDowell
5/11/2019 Track & Field 13 Wildcats Earn All League Honors In League Meet Kasey McDowell
5/11/2019 Softball College Cats Receive All Conference Honors Kasey McDowell
5/9/2019 Women's Soccer Cats Top Orioles To End Regular Season Kasey McDowell
5/3/2019 Track & Field Men's Track Take 1st Place At Circle Invite Kasey McDowell
5/1/2019 Baseball Wildcats Baseball Split With The Crusaders Kasey McDowell
4/30/2019 Women's Soccer Wildcats Top Wichita Heights Falcons; Notch Record Books Kasey McDowell
4/28/2019 Track & Field Women's Track Take 1st Place At Wellington Kasey McDowell
4/25/2019 Men's Golf Men's Golf Grab Two 3rd Place Finishes Kasey McDowell
4/25/2019 Women's Soccer Soccer Lands 8th Win On Senior Night; Fall to McPherson Kasey McDowell
4/24/2019 Baseball Baseball Splits with Vikings, Sweep The Rockets Kasey McDowell
4/17/2019 Football 3 Wildcats Sign to Play College Football Kasey McDowell
4/14/2019 Men's Golf Men's Golf Finish In 2nd Place at Kingman Kasey McDowell
4/13/2019 Track & Field Wildcats Celebrate Track & Field Senior Night Kasey McDowell
4/13/2019 Women's Soccer Women's Soccer Grab 2 More Wins, Improves to 5-1 Kasey McDowell
4/5/2019 Track & Field Mulvane Track Finish 1st and 2nd at Home Opener Kasey McDowell
4/4/2019 Baseball Cats Put up 23 Hits in Sweep of Clearwater Kasey McDowell
4/3/2019 Women's Soccer Wildcats Soccer Off To a Hot Start Kasey McDowell
4/3/2019 Men's Golf Wildcats Take 1st at Chaparral Tournament Kasey McDowell
3/27/2019 Men's Golf Men's Golf Look To Veterans for Leadership Kasey McDowell
3/17/2019 Track & Field Mulvane Track Warming Up After Cold Start Kasey McDowell
3/16/2019 Softball Young Team Looking to Build From Last Season Kasey McDowell
3/15/2019 Women's Soccer Women's Soccer Looking to Continue Winning Trend Kasey McDowell
3/13/2019 Cheer & Dance Cheer and Klassy Kat Teams Announced Kasey McDowell
3/9/2019 Baseball New Head Coach Excited to Get Season Started Kasey McDowell
3/8/2019 Wrestling 11 Wrestlers Tabbed with All League Honors Kasey McDowell
3/6/2019 Men's Basketball Ellis, Abasolo, and Gerlach Receive All League Honors Kasey McDowell
3/5/2019 Women's Basketball Parks, Myears, and White Receive All League Honors Kasey McDowell
3/1/2019 Bowling Schiffelbein Brings Home 3rd Place, Boys 7th from State Kasey McDowell
2/28/2019 Women's Basketball Cats Take Down Indians, Heading to Abilene Kasey McDowell
2/27/2019 Men's Basketball Wildcats Take Down Wellington in Sub-State Kasey McDowell
2/25/2019 Bowling Men's Bowlers Regional Champs, Heading to State Kasey McDowell
2/24/2019 Wrestling Stahl and Smith Bring Home 4A State Medals Kasey McDowell
2/20/2019 Women's Basketball Women's Basketball win over Clearwater Kasey McDowell
2/19/2019 Bowling Men's Bowlers Win League Championship Kasey McDowell
2/17/2019 Wrestling Stahl and Smith Wrestle Into State Kasey McDowell
2/11/2019 Men's Basketball A Homecoming Night To Remember Kasey McDowell
1/26/2019 Women's Basketball Ladycats Grab First Win In Wildcat Classic Kasey McDowell
1/21/2019 Men's Basketball Ellis Becomes All Time Leading Scorer Kasey McDowell
1/16/2019 Bowling Wildcat Bowling Season Off to a Hot Start Kasey McDowell
1/13/2019 Wrestling Langerot Records 350th Win; Cats Take Down Indians at Sr Night Kasey McDowell
12/16/2018 Bowling New Coach Looking Forward to Bowling Season Kasey McDowell
12/9/2018 Wrestling Smith Undefeated Early in Season Kasey McDowell
12/4/2018 Men's Basketball Ellis Leads Wildcats to First Season Victory Kasey McDowell
11/15/2018 Wrestling Wrestling Looking to Returning Underclassmen for Success Kasey McDowell
11/11/2018 Volleyball Naccarato Receives All-KCAC Honors Kasey McDowell
11/10/2018 Men's Soccer 5 Wildcats Tabbed with All League Honors Kasey McDowell
11/7/2018 Volleyball School Records, Awards, and College Signing Kasey McDowell
10/24/2018 Football Wildcats On Winning Streak Heading into Playoffs Kasey McDowell
10/22/2018 Women's Golf Wildcats Send 2 Golfers to State Kasey McDowell
10/12/2018 Cross Country Cross Country Brings Home Both League Titles Kasey McDowell
10/10/2018 Football Wildcats Win Homecoming and Senior Night Kasey McDowell
9/28/2018 Volleyball Parks Selected to All Tourney Team Kasey McDowell
9/23/2018 Football Wildcats Overpower Buhler; Notch School Record Book Kasey McDowell
9/13/2018 Cross Country Wildcats Cross Country Shine in Home Invitational Kasey McDowell
9/11/2018 Football Wildcats Put up 42 Points on the Indians Kasey McDowell
8/19/2018 Football Myears Named Mulvane Football Head Coach Kasey McDowell
5/19/2018 Track & Field Track Has Strong Regional Showing; State-Bound Kasey McDowell
5/11/2018 Women's Soccer Wildcats Etch Record Books as Season Closes Kasey McDowell
5/5/2018 Baseball Senior Night Split Solidifies League Co-Champs Kasey McDowell
4/26/2018 Women's Soccer Lady Wildcats Soccer Dominating the Field Kasey McDowell
4/16/2018 Softball Softball Sweeps Eldorado in Double Header Kasey McDowell
4/15/2018 Baseball Wildcats Outscore Wellington 21-5 in Double Header Kasey McDowell
4/6/2018 Baseball Wildcats Blank Clearwater in Game 1 of Split Kasey McDowell
4/6/2018 Softball Wildcat Softball Splits with Clearwater Kasey McDowell
3/22/2018 Bowling Mulvane Bowling Ends 2018 With a Trip to State Kasey McDowell
3/7/2018 Wrestling Stahl Wrestles Into State as a Freshman Kasey McDowell
3/5/2018 Men's Basketball Ellis Breaks 1,000 Point Barrier as a Junior Michael Abasolo
2/20/2018 Wrestling Lady Wildcat Wrestlers Have Good Showing at State Kasey McDowell
2/12/2018 Men's Basketball 128 And Counting For Ellis Michael Abasolo
2/1/2018 Bowling Record Breaking Night for Mulvane Bowling Kasey McDowell
1/27/2018 Football Price Picks in the Blue Grey All-American Game Kasey McDowell
1/21/2018 Other Youth Basketball, Are We Doing It Right? Kasey McDowell
1/10/2018 Men's Basketball Ellis Carves Out a Spot in the School Record Books Kasey McDowell
1/7/2018 Football Price Selected to 2018 KS Shrine Bowl Kasey McDowell
11/22/2017 Football Chancellor Grabs KCAC Post Season Honors Kasey McDowell
11/19/2017 Women's Soccer Senior Olyvia Bish Earns All-KCAC Honors, Team MVP Kasey McDowell
11/1/2017 Football Mulvane Football Clinches District Championship Kasey McDowell
10/29/2017 Cross Country Back to Back League Titles for Women's Cross Country Kasey McDowell
10/15/2017 Women's Golf Women's Golf lead by Morgan and Morgan Kasey McDowell
9/24/2017 Football Cats Win Homecoming; Price Notches Record Book Kasey McDowell
8/20/2017 Volleyball Naccarato hoping to make waves at Friends University Kasey McDowell
7/30/2017 Football Helbing MVP of KS Shrine Bowl Kasey McDowell
7/8/2017 Baseball Alex Evans Grabs Win For Patriots Kasey McDowell
5/29/2017 Women's Soccer A Record Season for Womens Soccer Kasey McDowell
5/18/2017 Baseball Redington and LeClair Earn Post Season Honors Kasey McDowell
5/10/2017 Women's Soccer Women's Soccer Rocking Senior Night Gracie Hornecker
3/4/2017 Bowling Mulvane bowlers shine in Postseason Kasey McDowell
2/26/2017 Wrestling Scantlin Three-Peats as State Champion Kasey McDowell
1/7/2017 Football Helbing Selected to 2017 KS Shrine Bowl Kasey McDowell
11/14/2016 Women's Soccer Bish Tagged with KCAC Post Season Honors Kasey McDowell
11/14/2016 Volleyball Naccarato Grabs KJCCC Post Season Honors Kasey McDowell
10/30/2016 Football Wildcats District Champs, Headed to State Playoffs Kasey McDowell
10/23/2016 Women's Soccer Olyvia Bish Grabs KCAC Defensive Player Of The Week Kasey McDowell
10/13/2016 Men's Soccer Soccer Targets Final Games Gracie Hornecker
10/13/2016 Cross Country Wildcats run in with top scores Katelyn Konklin
10/13/2016 Women's Golf Girls Golf Finishes The Season Strong Gracie Hornecker
10/13/2016 Football Wildcats Trounce Conway Springs Katelyn Konklin
9/27/2016 Volleyball Abasolo Earns All Tournament Selection, Team Improves To 11-13 Gracie Hornecker
9/19/2016 Other Checking up on cheerleading Gracie Hornecker
9/17/2016 Volleyball Naccarato earns KJCCC Volleyball Player of the Week Kasey McDowell
9/16/2016 Volleyball Cats Bring home third place Katelyn Konklin
9/16/2016 Cross Country Cross Country introducing new runners with the same expectations Katelyn Konklin
9/16/2016 Women's Golf Putting to a good start Katelyn Konklin
9/16/2016 Men's Soccer Kicking the Year Off Gracie Hornecker
7/31/2016 Football Wilson Caps HS Career at KS Shrine Bowl Kasey McDowell
6/4/2016 Baseball Berry tagged with NJCAA post season baseball honors Kasey McDowell
6/4/2016 Softball Holt Earns KCAC and Daktronics-NAIA Softball Honors Kasey McDowell
3/19/2016 Baseball 1986 Team Honored at Annual Alumni Game Kasey McDowell
3/13/2016 Wrestling Scantlin On Top At State For Second Year Kasey McDowell
3/6/2016 Baseball Alex Evans Pitches Near Shutout Kasey McDowell
2/29/2016 Bowling Mulvane Bowling Rocking the Post Season Kasey McDowell
1/30/2016 Bowling Mulvane Bowling Starting Season Off Hot Kasey McDowell
1/10/2016 Football Wilson Selected to 2016 KS Shrine Bowl Kasey McDowell
1/9/2016 Other Moundbuilders Soccer Sign Three Wildcats Kasey McDowell
11/28/2015 Football Mason Earns All-Conference Recognition Kasey McDowell
11/24/2015 Wrestling Wrestling Looking To Continue Last Years Success Michael Abasolo
11/24/2015 Women's Basketball New Coach Defining New Direction Michael Abasolo
11/24/2015 Men's Basketball A New Era Of Basketball Begins Michael Abasolo
11/21/2015 Women's Soccer Gerlach Earns All-Conference Recognition Kasey McDowell
11/16/2015 Volleyball Naccarato earns post season awards Kasey McDowell
11/8/2015 Football Evans Notches School Record Book Kasey McDowell
9/18/2015 Cross Country Miah's Vision Kasey McDowell
5/28/2015 Track & Field Landes Runs Her Way Into State Kasey McDowell
5/27/2015 Softball Holt Grabs Post Season Honors At Tabor Kasey McDowell
5/26/2015 Baseball Strunk and Redington Grabbing Post Season Awards Kasey McDowell
5/24/2015 Softball Softball Ladies Win Regionals, Head To State Kasey McDowell
5/19/2015 Women's Soccer Soccer Ladies Win Old Fashioned Shootout Kasey McDowell
5/14/2015 Softball Mulvane Softball League Champs 6 Years in a Row Kasey McDowell
5/12/2015 Football William Jewell College getting a couple Wildcats Kasey McDowell
4/27/2015 Baseball Extra Innings No Problem For The Wildcats Kasey McDowell
4/26/2015 Football Burkhart Honored as Outstanding Student-Athlete Kasey McDowell
4/9/2015 Baseball Redington Cracking Bats at Butler County CC Kasey McDowell
3/12/2015 Bowling Girls compete at Northrock State Tournament Matt Temple
3/11/2015 Bowling Mulvane Bowlers Had a Great 2015 Season Kasey McDowell
3/10/2015 Baseball Baseball is Ready To Take On New Season Mason LeClair
2/26/2015 Bowling Lady Bowlers Top League, Men Grab 2nd Place Kasey McDowell
2/7/2015 Men's Basketball 2015 Mulvane Winter Homecoming Kasey McDowell
1/20/2015 Bowling Mulvane Lady Bowlers On Strike Kasey McDowell
1/15/2015 Men's Basketball Wildcats Beat Clearwater, Fall To Andale Connor Downing
1/15/2015 Bowling Mulvane breaks school records in season opener Kasey McDowell
11/24/2014 Football Cats Shock Mac, Face Hayden Sean Benefiel
11/22/2014 Football Former Wildcats Represent At The College Level Kasey McDowell
11/14/2014 Football Cats Regional Champs Connor Downing
11/6/2014 Football Fennewald - KJCCC Defensive Player Of The Week Kasey McDowell
10/8/2014 Football Wildcats too much for the T-Birds Connor Downing
10/3/2014 Football CATS FALL TO SPARTANS Connor Downing
9/25/2014 Football FIRST WIN FEELS GOOD FOR CATS Connor Downing
9/1/2014 Football Hansen and Kraft selected to KCAC All Decade Team Kasey McDowell
11/16/2013 Football Doramus and Dickey to continue college career Kasey McDowell
11/15/2013 Football 2013 Season Highlight DVDs Available Kasey McDowell
11/14/2013 Football Mason selected to All-Metro Kasey McDowell
11/6/2013 Football Mulvane wins thriller to capture Bi-District Kasey McDowell