Head Coach:
Don Gifford

Dave Katzenmeier

Record: 10-12

Gordon Wayman
Brian Nulik
Greg Wilson
Todd Robinson
Billy Cotton
Rick Hancock
Pat Sellers
Terry Reusser
Doug Ford
Allen Whitmer
Robert Fanning
Barry Milligan
Robert Turner
David Kramer
J.C. Shook
Jim Dunegan
Steve Runyan
Vic Marcelle
Dale Landes
Darin Faris
David Edson

Back Row: D.Belew, B.Nulick, A.Whitmer, R.Turner, D.Faris, G.Quigley
3rd Row: C.Hicks, S.Runyan, B.Milligan, D.Ford, T.Reusser, D.Edson
2nd Row: R.Young, T.Robinson, M.Rayl, J.C.Shook, P.Sellers, E.Gerlach
Front Row: Coach Gifford, D.Landes, V.Mercelle, L.Lacques, R.Fanning, Coach Katz

Player Awards and/or other info:
Barry Milligan, jr...1st Team All League; OF

Top Hitter: Barry Milligan ( .371 )
Top Pitcher: Dale Landes ( 3-1 )
Most Hits: Barry Milligan ( 23 )
Most RBI's: Dale Landes ( 13 )
Most HR's: Allen Whitmer ( 2 )
Most Strikeouts: Robert Turner ( 64 )

- CTL Division 1 Champions
- 4A Regional Champions


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